Scrap Metal

Scrap metal purchasing and import service is an essential part of the recycling industry and contributes to the exploitation of valuable materials and the preservation of natural resources. Here is information about this service and how it works:

What is the service for purchasing and importing scrap metal?

Scrap metal purchasing and importing service means that our company purchases spent metals and used metals from multiple sources, such as iron, aluminium, copper, steel and other metals. This service aims to collect these materials and then import them for re-manufacture or re-export to global markets.

Benefits of the scrap metal purchase and import service:

1. Resource exploitation: This service allows the utilization of spent minerals and directing them to new uses instead of using new natural mineral resources.

2. Reducing waste: Irresponsible disposal of metals can be avoided and losses can be reduced by recycling and importing them.

3. Reduce pollution: The metal recycling process reduces environmental pollution caused by the extraction and manufacture of new metals.

4. Energy saving: Manufacturing new metals requires a large amount of energy, while recycling metals saves this energy.

How does the scrap metal purchase and import service work?

1. Metal collection: Our company collects spent metals from various sources, such as factories, workshops, and scrap shops.

2. Examination and classification: Metals are examined and classified according to their type and quality to determine their possibility of recycling.

3. Purchasing metals: Based on the classification and quality of metals, our company purchases them from various sources.

4. Import and Export: We import purchased metals to re-manufacture them or export them to global markets according to need and demand.


The service of purchasing and importing scrap metal contributes significantly to supporting environmental and economic sustainability and directing spent metals towards optimal utilization. Providing this service contributes to reducing waste and improving the use of mineral resources.