Scrap Glass

Our company offers a scrap glass purchasing service, and this reflects our commitment to sustainability, contributing to preserving the environment, and utilizing resources effectively. Here is some basic information about this service and how it can be useful:

What are the scrap glass purchasing services?

Scrap glass purchasing services means that our company purchases used and used glass from various sources, such as empty bottles, windows, glassware and other types of recycled glass. This service contributes to collecting used glass and directing it to recycling operations instead of disposing of it in landfills.

Benefits of scrap glass purchasing services:

1. Utilization of resources: The scrap glass purchasing service allows the exploitation of the resources found in spent glass instead of using new natural resources to produce glass.

2. Reducing pollution: The glass recycling process contributes to reducing environmental pollution and high energy consumption in producing new glass.

3. Strengthening the local economy: The scrap glass purchasing service enhances the local economy by providing job opportunities in the field of collecting, classifying and processing glass.

How does the scrap glass purchasing service work?

1. Glass collection: Our company purchases recyclable glass from different companies and imports it.

2. Inspection and classification: The glass is examined and classified according to its type and quality to determine the possibility of remanufacturing it.

3. Direction for recycling: Purchased glass is directed to our factories for recycling.


Scrap glass purchasing services play an important role in supporting environmental sustainability and contributing to the conservation of natural resources. Providing this service reflects our commitment to the environment and contributes to building a more sustainable society.