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In the era of digital information, climate change, lack of resources and consequently increasing raw material prices, TEMPUS Plastic & Machinery Trade aims to be a business partner for the world of the future. This is our vision. We made it our mission to achieve this goal.

Continuous Recycling and Customer Focus
We work to provide the right materials to the right transformers to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. As TEMPUS, a smart paper, plastics and machinery trading partner, we offer personalized comprehensive solutions for optimal added value and resource conservation for industrial customers and innovative SMEs. By adhering to the principle of customer focus, we aim to be the preferred business partner for the businesses whose waste plastics we dispose of correctly.
Typical activities of a middleman/trader include purchasing/broking of products from manufacturers or other (intermediate) traders, marketing and selling of materials/products to recycling facilities/end users or other traders. We aim to establish fair and trusting relationships when cooperating with our customers, which forms the basis of successful long-term business relationships.

Social Responsibility
We at TEMPUS are recognized as a respected member of local communities and society because we take the legitimate interests of our environment seriously. We are aware that we take responsibility for society and a sustainable, resource-friendly economy.

Sustainable Success
We believe that with excellent work and attractive recycling facilities in Germany, Europe and abroad we can achieve more. As a company, we see long-term success as more important than short-term results. We consider customer and transformational stability as an important prerequisite for long-term success.

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TEMPUS Kunststoff & Maschinen Handel UG
Mozartstraße 44, 74211 Leingarten
Company Manager: G.S. Ertas
Trade Registry Registration:
Registration court: Stuttgart
Registration number: HRB 783349
Heilbronn Tax Office
Tax number: 65205/42719
VAT ID number: DE352269683
Dealer/Broker number Lt. § 53 KrWG:
Tel.: +49 172 988 95 80
Fax: +49 7131 2036 567
E-Mail: info@tempus-ug.de
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TEMPUS Kunststoff & Maschinen Handel UG
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